About the Award

Oscar Goodman was hired on February 2, 1950 as a United Distributors sales representative. In the 1980s – at the age of 75 – Oscar semi-retired, choosing to continue working with three of his customers.

He would visit those customers weekly, but, being the sage that he was, also mentored other members of United’s team, including Doug Hertz, customer service representatives, warehouse associates, and anyone else who would listen to his advice. He maintained his state of semi-retirement until his health failed him and he passed away in 1999.

Oscar has earned his status as a United sales legend, and, in his honor, we’ve developed a series of 22 various Oscar Awards for associates in all divisions of the company.

Here are the 2015 winners:

Chain Grocery - Beer Division
Joshua Suiter
Chain Grocery - Wine Division
Tate Parker
Retail Package - Beer Division
Josh Couture
Retail Package - Spirits Division
Walt Williams
Retail Package - Wine Division
Randy Romaguera
Beer Merchandise Division
Joey Pepin
Logistics - Beer (Day Shift)
Tony Jordan
Logistics - Wine & Spirits (Day Shift)
Adam Wallace
Logistics - Beer (Evening Shift)
Montano Socorro
Logistics - Wine & Spirits (Evening Shift)
Raymond Pridgen
Convenience Store Division
Jake Armstrong
Beer Delivery Driver of the Year
Greg Brewer
Draft Delivery Driver of the Year
Walter Reid
Wine & Spirits Delivery Driver of the Year
Kawuane McCray
Marketing Department
Printshop/Brand Development
Wendy Wallace
On-Premise Division
Justin Israel