Sweetwater Second Helping IPA

Sometimes a beer is more than a beer – it’s hope. SweetWater’s hope with Second Helping IPA is just that. They tag-teamed this IPA, brewed with juniper berries, with their pals at The Giving Kitchen – an awesome local organization dedicated to helping folks from the hospitality industry who have hit a rough patch or experienced catastrophic emergencies.

Second Helping will be a limited release brew only available in Atlanta, and 100% of profits from the beer will be donated right back to the amazing stuff The Giving Kitchen is doing. Just one small way we can help pay it forward.

About The Giving Kitchen:

Ryan Hidinger ignited an important movement – people he’d never even met were so touched by his battle with cancer, they rallied to provide financial support. From this grew The Giving Kitchen, the non-profit organization that provides monetary assistance and critical peace of mind to service industry employees who’ve fallen on hard times.
As for the liquid? Our friend Ryan inspired that, too. In fact, the chef came to SweetWater and created the recipe with our brewers. You’ll taste the juniper berries – one helping was steeped in the brewhouse, then a second helping was added during the dry hop. The result is a slightly spicy and tangy taste with a nice, balanced citrus flavor and aroma.

For more info on what they’re all about, make sure you visit their Web site at thegivingkitchen.org.

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