Virgil Kaine

VirgilKaine_PageLogoFounded in 2011, Virgil Kaine is small-batch bourbon infused with premium local ginger and subtle hints of vanilla to create the ultimate craft spirit.

There’s nothing “civil” about it. This is bootlegger bourbon. No compromise, just conviction, passion and a promise to never shortcut the craft. Just like it was in 1863. Train conductor by day, bootlegger by night, Virgil traveled the South gathering exotic ingredients and exploring unique taste profiles. The result: a small-batch bourbon and whiskey blend infused with ginger from family farmers and a hint of vanilla for an ultra-smooth, well-balanced taste and sweet Southern finish. So grab your friends and raise some Kaine, ’cause life’s best enjoyed with a glass of the good stuff.

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Created to be the bourbon you love to sip, this is the one that made us famous. We break a few rules by infusing local heirloom ginger into our full-bodied Lowcountry bourbon. But the result is worth it. Balanced and distinct, it’s got a little bite, but the smoothest finish we know. It begs to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks. But we can argue that it makes a damn good cocktail.



Looking to make a bourbon that doesn’t get lost in your favorite mixer? This is the Southern cocktail’s best friend. It’s a straight forward bourbon with a touch of rye to give it just enough heat to get noticed yet maintain smoothness. It’s all about balancing the spiciness of rye and the sweetness of corn. It’s a solid sipper, but what it brings to any classic cocktail is the difference maker.


We love the bold flavor of a good rye, but our Southern palate wished for something with less bite. This search for more balance led to a first-of-its-kind whiskey creation. We married the spice of a high-rye mash with the sweetness of a bourbon. It’ll hold its own in your high-society cocktails, but true rye lovers will enjoy it straight up. It’s just that good.